If you should have to compare Maité's life to a fairytale, Cinderella's one, with the glass slippers, comes close. But Maité isn't destined to be a well-behaved, good princess in a corset by the side of some dull, dusty, old prince. If you should ask our quirky, willful protagonist she'd rather follow a talking bunny down a rabbit hole, just like curious Alice, so she can explore wonderful places and follow her fashion and beauty sense.

Being an Air Hostess she already explores the world with an open view on everything that makes the world go round. She also realizes that you cannot ignore your dreams and has taken a chance in entrepreneurship. This is a fairytale princess of the 21st century that seems to manage just fine without seven dwarfs. Taking her fate in her own hands, she's determined to inspire other heroines to be more independent and create their own style.

She puts a stop to nagging insecurities and doubts and won't steal any organs like a Queen of Hearts would do, but will leave you breathless with her "women in feisty shoes & clothes"! 


Maité's creations are delightful for ladies who like to to venture into the lion's den. Every pair of heels is worthy of their name. Take care of these babies, cause when you wear them, they'll make you feel like a dragon slayer!

Part of the profits is used to create an "open space" that shelters brave women who are scarred for life with burns, so please help create this fairy tale for Maité and her brave princesses by buy a pair of magic slippers!